Monday, April 26, 2010

Picnic Weather

First things first. No, Stacey, I haven't had my baby yet. Sorry! I think you'll see a few more posts before then. She seems perfectly happy inside. And from what I hear, they're easier to take care of in there, so as much as I want to meet her, I'm happy to keep carrying her around in my belly.

I just wanted to blog about some of the fun picnics we've been on lately. Brandon says he has never been so excited for summer to come as he is this year. So whenever it's warm weather (especially on a Saturday) he just wants to get out of the house so bad and be outside.

A couple Saturdays ago we went to Nielsen's Grove and had a picnic with my 2 sisters, Kristen and Amy. Then this last Saturday we wanted to have another picnic so we invited Brandon's family to come. We had such a good time. The weather was awesome.

Me and Bran working hard at enjoying this last little bit of time that we have together with just the 2 of us.

Hanging out by the pond feeding the ducks.

Here's sweet Haley. If you can't tell, me and Brandon really love Haley and Brynlee...

Brynlee wanted to go back to the pond later and she totally just sat there and chilled watching the ducks. She doesn't usually sit still too long so I enjoyed every minute with her. Too bad there is like NO shade at Nielsen's Grove and my skin is super sensitive to the sun so I totally got sunburned. Who gets sunburned in April? ME!

Brandon and Brynlee just chillin' on the sidewalk.

Tonight we had another picnic to celebrate Dallin's birthday. Sorry I couldn't grant you your birthday wish today Dallin. (He really wanted to share a birthday with his new niece. There's still an hour and a half left of the day but I got a feeling it's not gonna happen.)
Weather permitting, if we're not at the hospital on Saturday, we're going to be at the park again for another picnic. We can't get enough of this good weather!
Oh, I should have said in my last post, the new car we bought is a Hyundai Sonata. I had a few people ask. So I'm just answering it here. We are loving it and we feel like we're about as ready as we can be for this baby girl to join us!


Jon said...

love that park. miss it. btw, you are such a cute prego lady. your so little. halong ka.

p.s. this is kari-lynn...not jon.

nora.lakehurst said...

I LOVE parks!!!! And picnics with a little one are even more fun! I hope to NOT see you on Sunday. I am hoping you are cuddling your sweet little baby.

The Ensign's said...

Hey I got burnt in MARCH. I guess that's what I get for living in Arizona.
Looks like a lot of fun. I haven't had a "picnic" in forever. You guys made it look like sooo much fun I think I'll have to plan one.

The Ensign's said...

Okay... YESSSSS you should totally come visit. It would be sooooo much fun. We'll even plan a picnic!!!! Well unless it's the middle of the summer because it gets kinda hot here. We'll plan a pool party!

Emily said...

Hooray for picnics! We are regularly eating dinner outside these days - so awesome. Is that pond in Nielson's grove new? I don't remember it.

Stacey said...

That's not very nice of you to be updating without the baby. Just kidding, it keeps me excited. The kids have been a little sick anyway so I wouldn't be able to see the baby right now anyway. Keep enjoying this time with just the 2 of you.

Spencer and Sara said...

Are you already on maternity leave?! You've been blogging a lot lately. It's great!

Kellie said...

I was thinking of you today. You are so close to meeting your little girl! You will just love it! Everyone told me that it would be easier to keep Averie inside, but I am so much happier she is out! They are such great little blessings and I can't wait for you to meet your little girl. You are going to absolutely love it.

Alone *** said...

Linda a filha de vcs ^^