Monday, June 28, 2010

Concert in the Park

Concert in the park is over for 2010. It was every Sunday night in the month of June at Pioneer Park. We go every year and I'm not sure why it's so fun, but it is. It kind of makes it official that summer is here.

Last night at the park Mckinley was so happy for a little while and was smiling like crazy. It was so fun.

Love that cute little tongue!
She is getting so big! We're going to have to adjust the straps on her car seat soon. She used to always keep her legs scrunched up when she sits in her car seat. Now she stretches them out and it makes her look even bigger.
They grow up so fast, but I think we've done a pretty good job of enjoying every minute of it.


Meghan said...

She is such a cutie, I cant get over it!!

Alexis Ree Bosco said...

I totally agree... I don't know why it's so fun but that's something I look forward to in the summer!!