Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Hate the Flu

Good thing the weather has been kind of crappy this week. Mckinley and I have been stuck inside while I am fighting a bad case of the stomach flu. I knew I should have got my flu shot this year!! Mckinley got hers and hopefully it saves her from catching this yuckiness. We're hoping somehow Brandon can dodge the bullet too because this just sucks!! I know people always say it's not fair to be sick and pregnant at the same time. Well, I think being sick while you're trying to take care of a baby is about as bad as it gets.

Here is Mckinley with her best friend (and cousin) Kai a couple weeks ago at a family dinner. Kai is just in love with Mckinley and it's so stinking cute! He watched her while I was busy in the kitchen and he surrounded her with all the couch cushions in case she fell over or in case his 2 brothers tried to get near her. He would ask me what every little sound she made meant. And at the end of the night when I was leaving Kai said "I can't look at her, because if I look at her, I'll follow her." And then he sighed and laid down on the couch while I walked out the door. Too cute!!!

A whole new world has been opened up to Mckinley now that she sits on her own in her stroller and the grocery carts. She loves it. But of course once I pull out the camera she is all serious. I swear, this girl will not smile for the camera. So if you haven't seen her smile in a while, you need to come visit her in PERSON. :)

Brandon and I decided to try out the Lehi Trafalga last weekend. We golfed with this beautiful sunset in the background. That place was really fun, but it's very kid oriented. A little heaven for 5 to 10 year olds.
Mckinley is one step closer to crawling. She will actually stay on her stomach for more than a split second. She still doesn't love it, but one day all of a sudden she stopped rolling on to her back the second her belly touched the floor. She still isn't very interested in moving, which is fine by me. I am putting off baby proofing the house as long as possible.
I might miss Thanksgiving all together this year. I already missed pie night last night (dessert first, totally my style, too bad I was stuck home), and Thanksgiving dinner is tonight. Unless a miracle happens, I don't think I will be going. Good thing I don't care that much about Thanksgiving.


Emily said...

Sorry you had the flu, Steph, It is NOT fun to be sick when you're a mom. Mckinley looks so grown up sitting in that shopping cart!!