Thursday, March 31, 2011


I swear I used to be able to put videos on blogger, so something must be wrong with my computer. Or with me. :) Either way, click HERE if you want to see a video of Mckinley walking.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amy's Gone

Well, this weekend has been full of missionary stuff and getting in every last minute with Amy that we could. ... Sunday was her farewell, Tuesday night she got set apart and just about an hour and a half ago, Amy entered the MTC. ... We went to Cafe Rio today for lunch before she went to the MTC. ... No big surprise here. Mckinley is sucking on a lime and loving it. :) ... Me and Brandon saying goodbye to Amy. She will be such an awesome missionary! ... It's so weird that Mckinley will be 2 and a half by the time Amy comes home. Who knows, we might even have another little munchkin by that time too. Wouldn't that be awesome? ... Uh, yeah, I'm not much of a writer, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking, but her farewell and setting apart were both awesome. Hong Kong is so lucky to be able to borrow her for a year and a half. We'll sure miss her. ... I was going to put a video on here of Mckinley walking but blogger won't upload it. Maybe I'll try uploading it to youtube and adding it on here.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This girl is 3 letters. F.U.N.

Oh my heavens we are having a blast with Mckinley. This girl is so much FUN! Here are some pictures from ever since the last time I blogged.

The highlight of my Wednesday mornings: Coming home after a very early morning at work to Brandon and Mckinley sleeping in bed. I love that she is upside down!!

Mckinley is so fun to bathe! She loves laying down and will just play and play and play in the water. Her little naked body is just so stinking adorable.

Mckinley had a few days this month where she had a fever all day and took 4 naps each day, just like a newborn again, except without the frequent feedings. It was awesome. Here we are just snuggling on the couch. Loved it. And now she has 7 teeth instead of just 2. :)

Okay, so I think I posted a picture on here before of Mckinley sucking on a lemon wedge at Olive Garden. This girl loves lemons! She doesn't pucker or make any weird faces when she sucks on them either. Don't know who in the world she gets that from!!

She bit some chunks out of the peel...

And then sucked the juice out of some wedges we cut for her.

Happy as can be as long as she's eating a lemon.

So this little shirt is the first item of clothing Brandon and I ever purchased for Mckinley. It's size 12 months so we had to wait a little bit to put it on her but it fits her now and it's so cute!

Mckinley has been spending a lot of time bonding with her Aunt Amy who is leaving this Wednesday to go to the MTC and then off to Hong Kong to serve her mission. The big bet we had going was if Mckinley would walk before Amy left and Mckinley can indeed walk!!! Some days she is in more of a walking mood than others, but she definitely knows how to do it. We of course think it's the cutest thing ever.

Ha ha. Love this picture. Mckinely was over at my mom's house playing with some dolls in a little baby basket bassinet thingo. She just looked so cute in there.

One of Mckinley's favorite things is this little empty sample size bottle that used to have face wash in it. She will hold on to that thing for hours and take it with her around the house wherever she goes. Lately she has started just putting it in her mouth so she can play with other toys or crawl around at the same time.

These two are so in love with each other. I am so lucky that I get to spend my whole life with them.

Self family portrait. Not too bad I guess. :)

Yay, one day Mckinley magically learned how to tip up her sippy cup all by herself. Now I can stop worrying about how this child is going to get any fluids down once I stop nursing her. She does NOT do bottles!

Some of Mckinley's favorite things to do lately:

  • Dance to music or just whenever we ask her to

  • Stick her tongue out

  • Lay down on her blanket whenever she sees it

  • She plays with her hair when she's nursing or falling asleep

  • She loves pulling all the clothes out of her drawer or the diapers out of the diaper caddy or anything else like that

  • Loves crawling up the stairs

  • Loves giving opened mouth kisses

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time for an Update

Brandon mentioned that I haven't posted on the blog in a while, and when I started this post (geez blogger took forever to upload the pictures), Mckinley was asleep for her fourth nap of the day so I figured I didn't have an excuse. (She just woke up, but I'll finish it anyway.) No, she doesn't normally take four naps. She takes two. But last night and all today she's had a fever and just isn't feeling well. Which means she's been cuddly which is of course awesome. But I do feel bad for her, I don't know what's wrong.

This picture is from last Monday when we went with Brandon's family to see Gnomeo and Juliet. Mckinley looked so cute just staring at the screen with her daddy. Of course that didn't last long and she was up and crawling/walking all over everything in the theater. But we still had fun.

Mckinley moves all around in her crib now and this is her most common sleeping position. On her stomach with her cute squeezable bumb in the air. I love it!!! Thanks to Brandon for discovering it. I never used to go in and look at her while she was sleeping. That's when I get my things done. But Brandon can't help it and always wants to go in and just stare at her. That's how he figured it out. Anyway, we have seen her in all sorts of cute positions, like the other night she was sideways in her crib at the end, on her tummy of course, and totally had her toes tucked in down by the side of the mattress. Adorable!

Here she is in her new cute jammies my mom bought her, helping do the dishes at my mom's house.

Last Friday I finally took her to book babies at the library. She couldn't have cared less for the songs or story, but liked crawling all around the library. I don't know if we'll be going back soon, I probably should, but it's right during her morning nap. I woke her up to go.

Last Thursday was my little sister Heidi's and Brandon's mom's birthdays. They both celebrated on Saturday, at the exact same time. So I went to Heidi's and Brandon went to his mom's with Mckinley. We went and watched Tangled and then had this awesome ice cream cake my mom made.

Ha ha, love Holly. I asked her to move back so I could see Heidi's cake.

Yesterday I went to Salt Lake with my dad to pick up Amy from the airport. My mom stayed home and watched Mckinley for me so I could go with them and do a session in the Salt Lake Temple. Man, I love that temple.

That's about it for the update. Life has been pretty normal. Brandon had a pretty bad sore throat for a while, and I've got a little bit of a sore throat now, and who knows what Mckinley is sick with. I love when she's cuddly but today she has also been pretty sensitive, crying a lot, for minor things like me trying to get her to walk, or major things like when she fell down the stairs today. Oops. My bad. The only times she sneaks away and crawls up the stairs are when I'm in the kitchen making dinner. Maybe I should stop making dinner and hope it magically makes itself. :)
Mckinley has taken quite a few steps on her own, so I'm sure she'll be walking for real before too long. She is so much fun and growing so fast!!!