Friday, April 15, 2011

New Post. Why? Why not?

I don't have any real reason for blogging today, just thought I'd upload a few of our pictures of April so far. I cut out all of Mckinley's daytime feedings and started her on whole milk. She loves to get in the fridge so I put her sippy cup on the bottom shelf where she could reach it.

She loves to hold it with just one hand.

Mckinley "helping" me with the dishes. :) Ha ha ha. I love EVERY stage babies go through.

Hopefully you can see her big alligator tears but you'll probably have to click on the picture to enlarge it. Every time Mckinley cries she gets these giant tears that get stuck up on top of those cute chubby cheeks and we just LOVE it!!

On Monday this week my dad turned 61.

I went with him and my mom to the Lehi Trafalga. It was a little crazy there because of spring break but we still had a good time. They took Mckinley on the carousel. Most of the time she was looking up at the ceiling watching the poles rotate around. She never once realized I was off to the side frantically waving and trying to get her picture every time she came around.

This is a view of Mckinley I see quite often now. She is very much in the stage of picking up anything she sees and then handing it to Mom. This was at sleepy ridge the other night. We hit around a little on the putting green.

Mckinley playing the piano with me at my parents' house.

This is Mckinley with her new little friend Alyeska. They are pretty much just one pregnancy apart.

Okay, I know this picture is fuzzy but I was trying to be sneaky today and get a picture of Mckinley in one of her cute sleeping positions. I wish I could take a picture of her every night and during every nap but it always wakes her up when I try. She usually ends up somewhere on top of her blanket and off to a side.

In other news, Mckinley is walking EVERYWHERE. It's so much fun. She is such a little person now and not a baby at all.

Also, my parents have decided to leave us AGAIN and go teach English in China. At least they'll only be gone 9 months this time instead of 18. We will be sad to see them go though. They leave in September.

I think that's it. My little sister Amy has been in the MTC for two weeks now and she is a solo sister with no companion! It must be so hard. She is amazing though and will do great. One of the doctors I work for, Dr. Brown, is the MTC president right now. He had her paged in her classroom to come to his office. She said it worried her for a minute that someone had died or something but he just wanted to meet her. :)


Kris said...

Those big tears ARE really cute. :-) Cute thing to notice and remember. I can't believe she's already walking everywhere and drinking cow's milk. Are the days gone now of waiting until a year? I really haven't looked at anything updated food-wise as I've been going along with Lincoln.

I was going to call you today because Log's feeling better now. BUT... Linc was up most of the night last night crying inconsolably. Turns out he has herpangina (related to Foot, hand and mouth). Who knows where he caught it, but alas, now it's his turn to be sick. So end of next week maybe? What are you doing for McKinley's birthday?

Lucky to be the mom said...

I LOVE this stage! They're developing in so many ways and so quickly, every day it's something new!
I love her getting into the fridge, and sleeping, and unloading the dishwasher (that was my kids first 'chore' - nope, throwing away their diaper was first, then unloading the dishwasher :) They'd wait patiently for me to say 'thank you' before handing me another spoon, fork, whatever...
Are you tired of me telling you how gorgeous she is??? What a delightful little munchkin!

Dallin + Shellee said...

Man, I feel like I haven't seen you guys in forever. So instead of calling or coming over what do I your blog. I love those pictures. I can't beleive how big she is, so cute.

Kellie said...

Mckinley is so grown up! It is amazing to see the things that she is doing already. What a sweet heart.

Kuratko's said...

Mckinley is such an adorable little girl.

I love to see what you and your wonderful family are up to. I'm usually so out of touch with what is going on with the extended family.. thanks for being an awesome blogger! ;)