Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lots of fun stuff has been happening lately. Brandon's sister was in from out of town for almost a week and we had lots of get togethers.

Last night we cooked tin foil dinners up in the canyon. They turned out really good.

Mckinley could have stood and thrown rocks in the river the entire night.

Family picture.

All of the little Salmon cousins.

Brandon is always creating delicious things to eat. He made fried ice cream the other night for everyone and it was SO GOOD.

We took Mckinley to see her two cousins perform in their dance recital. She had a blast watching them and we shared a delicious ice cream shake from Sonic after.

Mckinley and her cousin Sam took a bath together. I hope they love this picture when they're older.

Mckinley loves to wear pink. She was so excited to wear this new dress to Church that she got for her birthday.

Eating a delicious Sunday dinner with her cousins.

In other news, I am still pregnant, 20 weeks today actually. It has gone by fast! My stomach is growing quickly and I am starting to feel the babies move a little more. Also, we bought a house and should be moving into it in about three weeks. We are so excited!


3boys2girls said...

Where is the new house? You look so cute prego!!

Kim and Preston said...

Steph you look great! So excited for you! Sounds like life is going well. Where are you moving?

nora.lakehurst said...

You do look great! And YUM on the icecream. Looks delish. Im glad that M is having a blast and she loves pink. I think every girl in their life should like pink if not love it.

Jilleen said...

20 weeks already?! Oh my! What a fun year with a new house, new babies and a cute 2 year old. :)

Stacey said...

where are you moving? are you feeling better? you can come over any time. drop mckinley off and pack or stay and play. i really want to see you.

Linda J said...

Wow, glad so many good things are happening for you! Mckinley is so sweet I hope the move goes well and you have lots of help. You're looking awesome for being 20 weeks!