Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm back

Well, I'm back. And it's about time. We didn't get internet hooked up until yesterday so I really couldn't do much until then. But there is a lot to update. Life in the new house is good. We are loving it. My camera absolutely sucks at taking indoor pictures, so these look like they were taken on an old school cell phone, but it's all I have for now.

The kitchen

Family Room

The twins' future room.

Mckinley liked the airplanes so much that we decided to let her have that room, even though it's obviously meant for a boy. She loves it. :)
Master Bathroom 

Tub in the master.

We live right down the street from two of Brandon's brothers. Mckinley has loved seeing Brynlee so much. This is the two of them eating pizza the night we moved in.

The day after we moved in was our 6 year anniversary. This is the only picture we got of us that day. :) We enjoyed spending the day unpacking and then going out to dinner at night.

We got a new kitchen table and chairs and still haven't assembled all the chairs yet. A work in progress. :)

Mckinley has been sleeping in a big girl bed ever since we moved and she loves it. She is so good at staying in it and when she wakes up in the morning or from her nap she just stays in there and yells for us till we come get her.

There are a few things we came across in the move that Mckinley is so excited about. First one is this dress from her aunt Shellee that fits her perfectly now. She wore it for a few days straight.

Then there's these Minnie Mouse boots I bought for her when I was pregnant. They are still two sizes too big but she loves putting them on and wearing them all around the house.  

We have enjoyed watching Brandon's softball games this summer. Mckinley gets excited because she gets to see "every cousins."

These girls had a blast pushing around their own shopping carts with us in the store. We made a quick trip to get some food for my mom and dad before they got home from China. 

Another huge thing that's happened is that I'm basically not working anymore. It's weird, but so so nice! I love it. I did go to one last work summer party though at the Lindon pool. I was so excited to take Mckinley swimming for the first time this year. Too bad the weather was horrible! It was windy and so cold!

She had a good time anyway though and now I can't wait to take her swimming again. If it wasn't such a hassle...

Here's my big belly at 24 weeks. Miracle of all miracles, my morning sickness went away between 20 and 21 weeks and I am off all my nausea meds and not throwing up. It is amazing! Although the whole not throwing up thing is inviting the weight gain, and fast. All I want is two healthy babies though, so I'll do whatever I need to.

So, like I said earlier, my parents came home from China. Yay!!! How do I not have a picture of Mckinley with them? Oops. I'll have to take one soon. Anyway, we had a girls lunch at Brick Oven and after we ate we sat and talked and Mckinley totally zonked out in my arms. That NEVER happens. It was so awesome. She got super heavy but I enjoyed every minute of it anyway. It was the best thing ever.

We have done tons of fun stuff this summer already. I absolutely love June and July. There is so much going on! We enjoyed a picnic at BYU while they had the Carillon Bell Concert.

Mckinley showing Grandpa how to use his iPhone. Ha ha ha.

We are loving life right now and are so excited to welcome these sweet little twins into our family.


Kendall said...

Your little girl is why a doll! And Congrats on the twins that is awesome!

nora.lakehurst said...

Beautiful house. And I love that you live so close to family. There is NOTHING better then that. I am glad you are able to have your own home. And where is that home exactly? I can't wait to see your twins either. Hope your body can make it to at least 32 weeks.

Haley K said...

Steph i loved catching up on your life!! The house looks wonderful! Yay for big tubs :) which is kind of like a little pool for McKinley. ;) And I love that she picked the airplane room, what s cool wall! And the TWINS!! I don't know I'd I've congratulated you mom told me a while ago...I am thrilled for you guys! And I'm so glad you're feeling better. :) love is cousin!

Haley K said...

Haha! Love is cousin was meant to be love YA cousin ;)

Jilleen said...

What a fun, exciting time you are having... new house, twins, cute little girl and your parents are home. Enjoy!