Saturday, April 27, 2013

7 Months Old

Tyler and Kallie are 7 months old today! They are so stinking cute and soooo much fun! Can we have twins again? Seriously though, that would be so awesome if we have another set of twins.
They are doing so well eating baby food and it actually isn't much harder to feed two than it is to feed one.
Look at them all big and grown up sitting in a regular stroller.
Tyler is totally chewing on his foot. Love it!
 Today he has been making his way to the corner of the crib to fall asleep. This kid is ALL OVER his crib. All the time.
7 month shots:
At 7 months:
Tyler got his bottom right tooth maybe a week ago and Kallie got her bottom left the day we were at the zoo, Thursday, so both right around 7 months exactly.
They are both getting sooo close to crawling. Tyler moved from rolling all over the floor to scooting on his belly. Kallie gets up on her hands and knees all the time and rocks back and forth. It won't be long before they can both crawl and call me crazy, but I am so excited!
Three naps a day and sleeping 11 hours at night. They have 4 bottles a day and 2 baby food feedings.
Both of them have huge awesome smiles and they are both super smiley and they laugh all the time too.
Tyler always wants what Kallie is holding or playing with.
Tyler moves all around in his crib and cries for a while before he goes to sleep. Kallie snuggles right up to her blanket and stares at the ceiling till she falls asleep.
We really can't get enough of them!