Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

 The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.
This year was going to be extra exciting because we found out the night before that Brandon and I would be able to ride up in one of the hot air balloons. We always wake up early to see the balloons blow up and take off and it's my favorite part of the holiday. I have always wanted to ride up in one so I was super excited. We got babysitters lined up for the kids, woke up and got down to the field to find out they weren't going up that day because of the bad weather. Such a bummer. So we headed over to the parade route and hung out for a few hours before the parade started.
I showed Mckinley pictures of last year's parade and there was one with her and Rapunzel so she thought that's why we were there. And two hours before the parade even started she kept saying, "I think I hear the princesses coming" and holding her hand to her ear like this.
Found this from Brandon's phone. I think she was dancing.
We woke up early again on Friday to go see the balloons and watch other lucky people ride up in them. :)
I seriously love this part of the 4th so much! Totally worth waking up early. (Our kids wake up at 6 anyway so we only have to get them up like a half hour early.)
On Friday we went to Nu Skin for lunch and to see the new Provo Temple progress. It is so amazing what they are doing with this building.
Friday night was an extended Bishop Family reunion. We headed up American Fork canyon and had dinner and hung out. We didn't stay overnight (don't even know how that would have been possible with our kids at this age, plus, we don't own any camping gear at all).
Tyler, looking so cute in his jacket.
One minute later, he decided he didn't like the hood and pulled it down, and then just kept pulling. Ha ha ha.
A huge rainstorm moved in and made us even more glad we weren't attempting to camp there overnight.
Saturday we went to a fun pool party sponsored by Vineyard town and then Brandon took Mckinley to do fireworks with his family and I stayed home with the babies.
Here is a cute picture from his phone of the little grandkids.
Mckinley in her princess dress this morning before Church.