Thursday, June 18, 2015

Living with Grandpa and Marmee

Our first loan for our new house fell through at the last minute so we had to start over with a new company and we went and lived with Brandon's parents while we were waiting on that. It took longer than we expected (of course) so we ended up being there just shy of 3 weeks. We enjoyed it while it lasted and had a lot of fun.

The kids all slept sideways on a Queen mattress on the floor. Sleeping was probably our hardest thing about being there. The twins wouldn't go to sleep before 11 and would still wake up at 6 so they were pretty cranky and ornery most of the time (more than usual).

We had lots of fun out on the trampoline and playing in the nice fenced in, shady back yard.

We did lots of swimming in our kiddie pool. Kallie loves dressing up and I had to get a picture of her wearing a swimming suit and high heels. Ha ha ha.

Another hard part about being there was when Ryan and Jessica's kids came to stay for 9 days. It was a handful having 7 kids age 7 and under in the same house, but we survived. The kids had tons of fun playing with their cousins.

A fun outing we took one day was to the Bean Museum and then across the street by the bell tower where there is a pond with ducks who definitely aren't afraid of humans.

The kids had so much fun feeding them crackers.

After the concert by the bell tower the kids get really excited about seeing the bells.