Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mckinley is in Kindergarten!

This sweet little thing started Kindergarten. She goes to Vineyard Elementary, right by our house. We carpool with her friend Savannah so they come and pick her up in the mornings and I get the girls from school at noon. Her teacher is Mrs. Brown and we have heard a lot of great things about her.

Saying goodbye to my house. My parents built this house when I was a baby, and 33 years later it is up for sale and they have moved to a newer house by the Timpanogos Temple. I'm sad that they won't be as close to me but I'm so happy they will have less house and yard to maintain.

Tyler and Kallie, while still proving to be quite the challenging children, are playing together a lot. Like all the time. They are always together. It's so cute. Except when they are fighting. Or crying or whining. Which seems to be most of the time.

Mckinley and Brynlee randomly wearing the same outfit. This has happened quite a few times throughout their lives. Cute cousins!

Last Friday after school we went to the Manila pond and we had the whole place to ourselves. We absolutely love it there!

Tyler and Kallie keep falling asleep and taking late naps, which makes for late nights that are so exhausting mentally and physically for all of us. This was supposed to be our golden summer with kids that are old enough to be somewhat independent, no babies or pregnancies to deal with. But Tyler and Kallie have still been so challenging and it is flat out wearing us out! Mostly me. Brandon is our rock.

Life is good. It's hard to blog a lot, but for some reason I haven't even been taking very many pictures lately so it's not like there is a lot to blog anyway. But we are excited to see Mckinley learn and grow in school this year and we continue to have hope that the twins will get easier one day.