Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Break

I really wanted to go out of town for Fall Break since we basically didn't go on a vacation this entire year, but we ended up staying here and just doing a bunch of fun stuff around here. I didn't take pictures of very much of it and I already can't remember a lot of what we did. I took the kids one day down to Riverwoods and let them ride the carousel and look around at everything.

We went out to lunch with Brandon, took the kids to the park that night to ride scooters, and watched a movie in our theater.

Okay I really can't remember what we did Friday but that night Brandon and I took Mckinley on a date to the BYU football game. The twins had their first sleepover at my mom's house and had a blast.

We saw Inside Out at the dollars with the whole family. Had pizza, watched a lot of movies, went swimming at the Orem Rec Center. It was a good fall break.

Mckinley had crazy hair day at school. I put twisted pipe cleaners in pigtails. It looked awesome.

Tyler fell asleep like this yesterday. Bahahaha!

The twins are growing up. They are getting potty trained. They are playing together a lot more. Kallie does puzzles all on her own all the time. They play pretend all the time. Kallie calls Tyler "honey" and he calls her mom. It's adorable. We love them so much.