Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Oh my gosh we had such an amazing Christmas this year. The anticipation was just so much fun. Our kids were so excited, and so were we. 

I thought this was so cute. Mckinley is starting to sound things out and write them down now. She has to keep a journal over Christmas break and it is so fun reading it and seeing how she spells things! I have waited a long time for this stage...

The view we have at our house is so incredible. We absolutely love living here. It feels like a dream that this is really our house.

Christmas Eve my mom always does a dinner and this year we hosted it at our house. It was so much fun. The kids were so excited to dress up and be a part of the nativity. So cute!

Mckinley was so happy she was an angel. She loves that we call her an angel.

Christmas morning! The kids were so excited that Santa came and ate the cookies and all that. Mckinley wanted to peek on him but she didn't wake up to do it. Maybe next year!

They were so thrilled with everything they got!

After we opened presents we made an awesome Christmas breakfast.

Then the kids were able to play with their toys for awhile before we went to Brandon's parents house at noon for a gift exchange. We enjoyed our time over there, and then spent the evening at home. It was an awesome Christmas. I'm sad it's over. But we have been doing something nearly every day with Brandon's family or mine and it's been a ton of fun. What an amazing time of year!

Dinosaur Museum

Some of Brandon's siblings are in town from out of state and we have done so much fun stuff with the Salmon's! We attempted to go to the Bean Museum one day but it was closed so we went to the BYU Dinosaur Museum instead. I didn't think it would be very cool, especially after going to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point, but they actually had some decent skeletons and the kids had a lot of fun!

We had a fun night one night at the BYU Basketball game, until Mckinley got lost. :(

Brandon and Jason rented out a theater for Star Wars and filled it up with clients. It was such a fun event and turned out really well! Good movie.

Fun in the Snow

Our house has the best little sledding hill on the side. Like right out our garage door. It is absolutely the perfect size for our kids and we have had so much fun playing on it! I have always hated playing in the snow but when you actually have the right gear and can stay warm, it can be really fun! I have more pictures and some pretty awesome videos, but I don't have them uploaded yet so I can't post them here. But definitely wanted to remember this!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

December so far...

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we put up the tree and all of our Christmas decorations. We had Pandora playing on the TV and all the kids were helping and it was just such a great day. Every Christmas keeps getting more and more fun the older our kids get. We are all so excited for Christmas this year!

This is one of our many countdowns we have going. Mckinley made a paper chain at school, we have our Santa beard cotton ball countdown, of course the chocolate advent calendars from Ross, and I made this one myself. Each box has candy in it. It took forever to make!

Kristen's baby girl Kayler was born on November 30th. I was able to take the kids the next day to meet her.

Matching Christmas nails. Kallie's lasted about 3 minutes.

I thought this was so cute. Tyler and Kallie play together a TON now. Lots of make believe and just entertaining each other in general which is heavenly for me. Mckinley goes to school every day at 9 and then these two are just off playing together somewhere while I get ready for the day. I used to always have to put a show on for them but they play on their own a lot now. It's wonderful.

So the kids got to see Santa 3 times within like 6 days. This was at our ward party. Kallie was scared to sit with Santa so she talked to Mrs. Clause.

Snowman pancakes for breakfast. Mckinley is always in the mood to do something festive. She is so much fun to have around!!

We went on a Monday night to the Riverwoods to see the lights and ride the horse carriage. I didn't know Santa was going to be there and the line to see him was super short so that was awesome.

The next night we were able to go ride the Stringtown Polar Express in Lindon. My mom got tickets for all of us. It is one of our favorite things to do at Christmas time.

Here is Kayler again. It's so fun seeing her in outfits that both Mckinley and Kallie wore.

Today we made a gingerbread train after church. I just can't get enough of this Christmas season. We are enjoying it so much. The kids LOVE looking at Christmas lights as we drive around in the evenings. I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas morning!