Monday, January 18, 2016


January is such a bla month. I'm pretty sure I say that every year. I haven't taken hardly any pictures this month. We have spent a lot of time inside watching movies and staying warm.

Brandon did have a birthday though, which is the one good thing about January, that this amazing man was born! We did lots of celebrating throughout the first half of the month. We had a fun family lunch at Costco one day, Tyler had ice cream for lunch. Wouldn't even touch the pizza. The picky eater has gotten pickier. Heaven help us.

Brandon and I lucked out and got to go to a Jazz game with Jordan and Annie while Ross and Karen watched all the kids. We had a blast!

Brandon's birthday was on a Monday so he just went to work. We went to lunch at Firehouse Subs and then at Wendy's for the kids, and my parents brought over dinner that night which was super nice. Brandon's parents came over too that evening.

My parents gave him some Pizza Factory gift cards so we took the kids to dinner there.

We also went to Carrabbas for dinner just the two of us, and we planned on getting massages but that never happened. Hopefully we can still get out and do that.

We have the most incredible view out the back of our house and I can't get enough of the gorgeous sunsets. I love where I live so much!!!

The kids playing nicely with their cousins while I was babysitting one day.

Mckinley is in love with her princess cupcakes game she got for Christmas and we play it every day. I love this girl more than I can say. She is absolutely a piece of heaven on earth.

Tyler is almost always in need of a hair cut and he hates getting them so now we have been cutting it shorter than I like, just so it will last longer in between cuts.

Kallie loves to wear Mckinley's old dance costume. Yay, finally getting some use out of our $50. Stupid dance.

Kallie and Tyler are sunbeams now. We officially have no kids in nursery. It's weird. They are growing up! Or at least getting older. Ha ha. Kallie went way down hill with potty training and is back in diapers full time. Both Kallie and Tyler are still pretty hard to manage and take up a crazy amount of energy. But when they play together, it just melts your heart.

New Years

A few days after Christmas we went to a wedding for one of Brandon's cousins who I had never met or even really heard of. It's hard with his family being from Canada and so spread out. I really know very few of his cousins. Anyway, the kids had a fun time at the photo booth.

New Years Eve was fun with all the same traditions, eating delicious Chinese food, making a huge mess to celebrate New Years Eve and then cleaning it up forever. :)

I think this picture is awesome. It depicts the kids perfectly. Kallie was wearing noise blocking head phones and scowling for who knows what reason, Mckinley looks peaceful, and Tyler is freaking out because we tried to put some kind of streamers on his head. Ha ha ha. Love my kids.