Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June Fun

On Memorial Day Brandon and Mckinley hiked the Y with a bunch of Brandon's family. Last year Mckinley whined the whole way and we carried the twins the entire way. This year Brandon said she was amazing. She was the first one to the top out of the whole group and was running the last leg!

They had so much fun together.

Every June we go to Concert in the Park on Sundays. I don't think we've missed a year in 10 years, and Brandon has been going with his family for much longer than that. I love traditions!

The kids love the song where they get to march around the park holding flags.

I don't know how long I have been taking and posting pictures of Tyler and Kallie randomly crashing. I'm pretty sure it's been at least a year. I would give anything to have them be done taking naps! They go to bed at night so well when they don't take a nap and they come out of their rooms for hours at night when they do nap.

We have had such a fun summer. We've spent quite a few days at my friend Christina's house playing in her fun backyard.

She bought this big blow up water slide this year and it's just perfect for my kids. They love it!

This cute little thing melts my heart every day.

Mckinley has been playing school with Tyler and Kallie all summer. I thought she would just do it once but no, she does it every single day and comes up with fun lessons to teach them and they have snack time and recess and it's just so cute!!!

I saw this great idea online for chores. Each child has their own color of popsicle stick with a chore written on each one. The kids have been so good at doing them every day. It has been amazing!

We have gone to the Provo splash pad a couple of times. I love sitting in the shade while my kids run and get wet. It's so nice that they are old enough to go and play on their own.

We took our first trip yesterday to Manila Pond. So fun to play at a "beach" so close to home.