Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Pics

Just a few pictures that are too cute not to post.

Kallie has been choosing her own clothes a lot lately which usually results in outfits like this one.

Being silly.

Brandon putting our flat top griddle to good use.

We still have lots of this happening. We had home teachers come over on Sunday for the first time in a long time and Kallie ran off on her own, changed her clothes, and fell asleep in her closet. Ha ha ha.

We had the most amazing weather on Monday so I went to the park in the morning with my friends and then we went again for FHE that night. We are soaking up every minute of summer and just loving it!

We took a fun walk on the Provo River trail and threw rocks in the water. We saw a ton of huge fish hanging out in one spot that was really cool.

Went to the Lehi splash pad one day with my sister and mom. It was sooooo crowded within minutes of opening. And zero natural shade. First and last time we will go there.

Baby ducks at Nielsen's Grove! One of my favorite things.

Kids watching TV in mom and dad's room.

We had a really fun BBQ at Blake and Kim's one night. Their yard is 100% heaven for little kids.

Cute poses at Downeast while Mom shops.

Almost 28 weeks pregnant.

Camp out in Grandpa and Marmee's backyard!! The kids were soooo excited and had looked forward to this for at least a month.

I slept inside and Brandon braved the crowded tent to protect the kids.

They were all smiles in the morning and were just so happy that they got to sleep out in a tent!

Our neighborhood does a really fun 24th of July party every year. The kids had a blast.

Brandon walked with the kids in the Temple to Temple 5k while I drove around in the van and just met them at the end.

A fun family picnic at the splash pad one day. Jason taught the kids how to play Red Rover. Talk about bringing back childhood memories!