Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I did not grow up dancing. I am not a dance mom. But once upon a time about 3 years ago we let Mckinley take a dance class and she loved it. And has been asking to take dance ever since. We finally gave in again and signed her up at Jive where her cousins go. She started in January and they just had their performance, make that FIVE performances, last weekend. A little intense for my liking, but what do you do?

The concert was put together so well. Each number was a different occupation. Mckinley's class were train conductors.

She knew her dance really well. She was still so nervous the first couple of times she performed but finally by about the 4th performance she really loved it and was excited, not nervous. Now she is excited for next year. Oh boy.

Mckinley, Abby, and Brynlee.

Kallie didn't make it to the end. Ha ha ha.