Saturday, July 8, 2017


I love how much my kids love the water! If I were a nicer mom, I would buy a pass to a pool and take them more often. But we have taken the opportunity to go to some splash pads and we had a few free swimming parties we were invited to so they have at least been able to play in the water a little this summer.

They still love this tiny pool I bought years and years ago.

The Provo splash pad is our favorite. We have gone three or four times this summer so far.

My friend invited us over to play on her water blob. The kids had a blast.

Met up with a friend from Australia at the Alpine splash pad.

This is Gabby's sister Courtney. I had so much fun meeting up with her and of course left with yummy Australian chocolates.

Tyler was so happy his cousin came. They had so much fun playing together.

Swimming at the Lindon pool. Ava loves swimming!! It's so fun taking her.

Mckinley really wanted to go "surfing" so we signed her up and let her go. She got a couple turns. The best part was when we were retrieving the boogy board for her, she decided to put her foot out in the water to feel it and it swept her away in a second. Ha ha ha. So funny.

My friend Elleny invited us to go swimming with her at the most perfect pool ever that is right by our house. We had a blast and are hoping to go back!!

Slip and slide with cousins.