Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ava turns 1!!!

Some two on one dates with the twins for their birthday. So fun and special for them to get to go on a date with mom and dad all by themselves.

Tyler chose to get pizza and go to a park, then to the dollar store to pick out a toy.

With Kallie we got food at Wendy's, went to the park, and then to the dollar store for a toy.

I took the kids to the fire station open house. Not as exciting as the first time we did it, but still cool.

Kallie is becoming quite the artist!

On October 12, Ava turned 1!!! She was so terrible the day before her birthday and I was really mad at her but luckily she woke up on her birthday happy and was great the whole day. It's like she knew it was a special day.

We gave her a baby doll and all on her own she hugged it. First time she had ever done that. Now she does it all the time to all sorts of toys. She always says "ahhhh" when she hugs something.

So cute wearing the same shirt both her sisters wore on their first birthdays.

New books from Grandma Bishop.

She was so awesome diving in to her cake and just destroying it! I did a time lapse video of it that turned out really awesome.

Such a fun happy baby. We love her to death!!!