Saturday, August 18, 2018


We had quite a few fun swimming days in August. 

I drove with the kids to my cousin Julie's house in Eagle Mountain to swim in her fun above ground pool. Ava didn't want to get in so I didn't swim, just visited with Julie inside. We had a great time!

Julie got the merry go round from her parents yard that we used to play on as kids. So awesome!

I think I promised her I wouldn't post this anywhere, but no one reads blogs, right?

We went swimming at the Scera pool with Shannon and her kids one afternoon. I think it was the next day actually. We had such a great time there. Mckinley was at Alice's birthday party so she didn't come.

After the pool we went to Brandon's office where one of his companies had a shaved ice truck come.

We got to have Kenzey over quite a few times this summer. She and Mckinley are showing their best friend necklaces that Kenzey gave Mckinley for her birthday. These two are such great friends!

Random silliness.

We had another fun swimming day with Brandon's aunt Leslie in West Jordan. She got dinner for all of us at a park and then we went swimming at the local pool there.

Mckinley went on the diving boards over and over and over.

Here she is jumping off the low dive, and I took a video of her on the high dive. She is so brave!