Friday, September 27, 2019

Tyler and Kallie are 7!

The twins turned 7! They were soooo excited for their birthday. I can't get the breakfast in bed picture to load, but we did that of course, then opened presents. They wanted candy bar charts this year and we finally delivered. We were supposed to do it last year and forgot. :)

Then they had school. Their teacher doesn't have parents come in for birthdays but they had a Johnny Appleseed party at school that day and I asked if I could come help with that. I'm glad I could go in on their birthday!

After school we went to dinner at Burger King and then came home for ice cream cake. Mckinley had a late night with her friends so she missed the cake. Weird that I have kids old enough to be doing stuff like that and missing out on birthday celebrations!

We made it to Pizza Factory the next day for their 7 pizzas. So fun to celebrate these two!