Friday, July 24, 2020

Summer fun

After the cabin we went and had an amazingly fun pond day while Amy was still in town. My mom brought her kayaks and floating mattress pads and we had seriously the best time ever and stayed till like 3 in the afternoon.

One of Brandon's favorite things to do with Jackson is lift him up high like this. He used to just cling to Brandon's shirt and now he will put his hands to his side and just let him do it.

Tyler got to go with Maverik to fishing club.

Splash pad day with cousins.

Mckinley had a pretty bad injury on the zipline.

I legit thought she had broken her toe but thankfully it appears she didn't. It was a scary couple of days though. And I'm sure she will still lose the toenail.

You have to make an appointment to go to the library. Stupid COVID. And stupid masks. I am really hating Corona Virus and all it has robbed us of.

We took Mckinley and Kallie to Carrabbas where Brandon had yet again a terrible steak experience. Don't know when we will be going back there.

This was Kallie's first time going there and she was beyond excited.

Fun day trip up the canyon.

We were able to bring Kennedy with us!

The kids always love climbing around at Bridal Veil Falls.

Bahaha, I love when Jackson climbs inside this toy.

Starting to be a real climber.

We went back to Bridal Veil Falls on a Sunday with Brandon. The place was packed!!

Brandon's dad rented this huge slip n slide for the backyard and we spent 9 hours over there just having a blast.

Jackson FINALLY started walking at 14 months old.