Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back to BYU-I

Well, since our last post we have done quite a few fun things. We don't have a lot of great pictures but we'll do our best. On August 31st we went to my cabin again for a trip with the whole family. My mom wanted everyone to go to celebrate her 60th birthday on September 1st. Here's a picture of baby Jack getting a lot of attention.

And a really scary picture of me (no make-up) pretending to take a bite out of the huge 80-pound watermelon my parents grew in their garden.

The next adventure for me was going up to BYU-Idaho to drop off my youngest sister, Amy. I can't believe she's old enough to go to college! It's so weird!! Todd gave her his old crappy scooter that sometimes works. Here's a picture of me and Kris taking it for a spin.

Amy brought up a lot more stuff than I did. I think all my things fit in the trunk of a car. There was barely enough room for the two of us in the back of the van. I guess the scooter took up tons of room but was a squished ride. It was crazy how many memories came back when we were up there walking around on campus. And Rexburg has changed a lot since I was there!

Me, Kristen, Amy, and my mom went to Lava Hot Springs for a night on our way to Rexburg. Kristen and Amy tried to float down the river but pretty much nearly got killed so they gave up and me and my mom decided not to do it. I just got in on one slow part of the river for fun. Check out Amy's battle wounds!

We went swimming in the hot pools, and boy were they hot!! Me and Kristen are showing on our fingers that the one pool was 112 degrees! It took a while to get used to being in there.

Brandon was in California watching the BYU vs. UCLA game while I was in Idaho. If he brings home any fun pictures, we'll post them on here. :)


Trent & Emily Davies said...

Ahh...good ol'e memories of Rexburg! My parents just took my two brothers up there and called me when they were eating their Pizza Bombs at Craigo's...good times! Where is your sister living?

Stephanie Salmon said...

She's living in the Nauvoo House. It's supposed to be where the snobby girls live but in my opinion, it's crappier than Birch!

Megan Erickson said...

Looks like you had fun.. and those lava hot springs sound pretty good right about now. Last time we went I was like 7 months prego with dots. Doctor approved of course! but it was nice!

Barb said...

Ahh. I'm jealous you were in Rexburg. The apartments that house the snobby girls is now Tuscany... haha (Vaulted ceilings, heated floors and all that stuff you don't need going to college!)