Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Freakin Awesome Saturday

Me and Bran had a really fun weekend last weekend. On Friday night he played softball and I finally played volleyball again for the first time in a LONG time. It was really fun. Saturday we went and hiked to Timpanogos Cave with Tara and Gary. It was a pretty steep hike but inside the cave was awesome! Here are some pics. Enjoy!

Inside the cave...

Later that afternoon we had a BBQ up in Provo Canyon. Here's Brandon roasting some marshmallows over the charcoal. They were coconut covered and they were so yummy!


swimminupstream said...

Wow, you JUST posted this because I JUST gave you that picture! Hey, I never asked you, were you guys sore the next day from that hike? Because my calves and bottom were KILLERS! That was a fun day. I nominate you and Brandon to plan the Dutch Oven Cook Off next month. Or at least help me plan it maybe???

Trent & Emily Davies said...

Ahhh man and you think I go all out...look at you guys go! Hiking...sports...toasting mallows...we just went to the fair!