Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Tradition

So..this was our third Valentine's Day together (that sounds like we've known each other so long) and we have a little tradition we do every year: Dinner at home. We love it! We don't have to fight the crowds and wait forever for a table. It's great. Two years ago we were just dating and we had an awesome chicken cordon bleu dinner at Brandon's house. The table was all decked out with red and pink candy and everything. Then last year we got together with all of Brandon's married siblings and made a dinner at home. We decided to make it a tradition and we did it again this year. We had dinner at Jason and Shannon's. Stacey & Aaron and Tara & Gary came as well. We made steaks and potatoes and everything. It was so good! Then we played Imagine If... It's such a fun game. Anyway, we're actually not too big on Valentine's Day so we don't do gifts and stuff and I just love our dinners at home.


Anonymous said...

Steph...I just found a picture of you and me at Ricks and we were roasting a marshmellow on a candle for Valentine's Day. Do you remember doing that? Ha ha! It was so funny. I'm disappointed that you don't share that in your tradition.

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

That was way fun!!!

dmd said...

Hey Stephanie...thanks for the email directing me to your blog. Love the Valentine's Day tradition...we've been doing it for years. Now that we have David we have a candlelight dinner with him on Valentine's Day and go out the night before (again...beating the crowds!).