Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Pictures of our House

So yesterday after work we did a final walkthrough on the house to make sure everything is working. I took some more pictures. Here they are.

This is the main family room area that you've already seen.

This is the 1/2 bath on the main level. I think it's so cute!

There's a full on waterfall and pond out in the backyard. Kind of random but hey, we'll take it.

Here's the master.

And the double closets in the master with awesome closet organizers that I am SUPER excited about.
Upstairs bathroom. I have to admit, the double sinks might be the one thing I am MOST excited about.

Here is the adorable little girl's room upstairs. The lighting's not great in this picture but it is the cutest shade of purple with cream bead board. I love love love this room. Hopefully one day we'll actually have a child who can sleep in it. ;) I guess if we have a boy we can just change the paint color.

And this is the other bedroom.

Oh yeah, and there's a crawl space we didn't even know about. I personally am scared of crawl spaces but it will be nice to have extra storage space.

Brandon totally made fun of me for taking so many pictures yesterday but I love having them so I've got something to look at and dream about for the next three weeks before we move in. :) Feel free to leave a comment, UNLIKE you did last time. :)


Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

How fun!! I am so exited for you guys. It is sooo cute. Cant wait to walk through it. You need to have a house warming party!

Jennie said...

How exciting! I love that it already has good paint colors. Hopefully they match some of your stuff. What a great step in your life. Is it in Orem? This is the first time I had volume on my computer when I went to your blog and I love that song.

Erin S. said...

oh man, i would KILL to have two sinks in our master lucky duck! the house is super cute though. love that you aren't even going to have to repaint anything!

Trent & Emily Davies said...

I love your new house! It makes me want to move into a new house. We are trying to decide what to do with Erika's new room once we get her big girl bed and I love that little girls room! I wish we could move into a house thats already painted all cute so that we didn't have to do it!

Ryan + Jess said...

It looks perfect. I am so glad you found it - welcome home!! I can't wait for you guys to move in and I also can't wait to see it (hopefully this summer :)
Good luck with packing (not so fun) and moving into your own place (so fun!)

Hannah S said...

wow! It's so cute. I am so jealous. I, too, love the double sinks. Can't wait to see it!