Monday, November 24, 2008

Too Old for Sleepovers?

I should say not! Is there even such a thing? I love sleepovers and I hope I never feel too old to have a sleepover.

Last Friday night after a fun surprise birthday party for Kristi, I went to see Twilight with two friends from work, Jessica and Danielle. After the movie we had a sleepover at Jessica's CUTE house because her husband was out of town. It was so much fun and it brought back so many memories of my many many sleepovers as a kid.

Here we are at the back of the theatre for Twilight. We barely got three seats together.

Here's Kristi about to blow out her candles. Happy 26th Kristi!

The rest of the weekend was great! Amy is in town from Rexburg so we had lunch together on Saturday and made homemade individual little pizzas. It was a lot of fun. Amy and I made some homemade cards together and then I went home for some of the BYU vs Utah game. I fell asleep at the end. I was so exhausted from getting like 4 hours of sleep the night before (we watched The Emperor's New Groove at Jessica's after the 10:00 showing of Twilight).

Sunday we had dinner at our friends' Michael and Ashli's NEW house and then played a ton of Nerts at Brandon's parents house. Gotta love weekends!!! And this next one is gonna be 4 days long. Can't wait.

Twilight sucked by the way. Not totally, I guess, but it definitely wasn't very good.


Emily said...

i haven't had a sleepover since before i was married! i have no more single friends to do that with! did you like twilight? i went to the first showing here in calgary, i thought it was pretty good. pretty much what i expected!

Butler Family said...

Steph I had so much fun at our girls night!! Can you email me the pics? Thanks!

Jilleen said...

I think the festival of trees goes on thru Saturday. Nate was probably glad he was gone so he didn't have to go!