Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Last Saturday night we were lucky enough to get box seat tickets to the Jazz game. It was so cool to be up there and so nice to be able to walk around and not be squished and surrounded by screaming fans.

We got lots of free food up there. Way more than we needed! Here's me and Bran with our nachos and Jason in the background. Jason, I knew you would be in that picture, especially after Brandon asked you to move. :)

The view.

Yesterday Brandon celebrated his 26th birthday. I made him breakfast in bed and then for lunch we were lucky enough to spend an hour at the driver's license place renewing his license. Fun stuff!

For dinner we had a BBQ at his parents' house and watched TCU lose their bowl game. :( Brandon's sister Chandra's birthday is the day before his so they shared a cake. The candles were half pink, half blue. I love that they are both smiling for different cameras in this picture.

I don't think we've had one birthday in his family where the grandkids didn't help to blow out the candles. And where we didn't relight the candles a few more times for the grandkids to blow them out again and again. It makes you wonder how these sweet girls can actually be excited for their own birthdays when they do this like 20 times a year.

Happy Birthday Bran! I love you.
PS. I just came across this picture today from Brandon's birthday last year. I had to put it on here because it is the exact same cake, the exact same candles, and the exact same 4 people blowing them out. How funny! Side note. I don't think I've ever made a birthday cake for Bran. I will one day.


Trent & Emily Davies said...

How fun!! How did you get lucky enough to score a box seat at a Jazz game?

Stacey said...

How fun! You still look tiny to be more than half way through pregnancy. Don't say you were hiding behind a table because we can still see that you are small. You married a youngun huh? Brett is younger than me too.

rhodesfamily said...

you guys sure know how to party, don't ya :) you look so good-how are you feeling?