Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Little Girl

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I updated this blog but I really didn't have anything to blog about. Me and Brandon did go stay up in Salt Lake again in that hotel and we had a blast. Other than that, life has just gone on like normal. Work every day, relaxing on the weekends.

We still haven't really bought any stuff for our baby. But we still have time, right? The pregnancy is going well. I feel pretty good these days, unless I miss taking my medicine and then the throwing up starts all over again. I had a fun time throwing up on the side of the road a couple times the other week. I'm sure the cars driving by enjoyed the show.

I don't have another belly shot but I did get some cute cute 3D pictures of our little girl yesterday. I absolutely love them!!!

She always seems to have either a hand or a foot up by her face. It's funny to think of her totally bent in half in there.

That's her little foot up above her eye. I just love her cute LIPS!

Another face shot.

Cute fingers.

I love this picture where you can see her arm and tiny shoulder. She looked like she was trying to stretch out. Ha! Good luck.

In this video you can see her open and close her mouth. I love watching it over and over again. We can't wait to meet her!!!


Emily said...

wow that is absolutely adorable!!!! i can't believe how clear those 3d shots are!!! you are totally seeing your baby before she is out of you!! how exciting!! and don't forget to take your medicine!!!! throwing up is no fun!!!

~*aShLi*~ said...

Wow! That is honestly the cutest 4D ultrasound i've ever seen. You can actually see what she looks like! I love it.

Ryan + Jess said...

Those turned out good ! We can't wait to meet her :)

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

That is so crazy!!

Stacey said...

So exciting.

Jamie said...

wow. fancy ultrasound pictures. Those were just coming out when my last babies were born. I never got to see my babies that clearly. This is very exciting watching her and you grow! :)

Emily said...

Exciting Steph! I don't think I'll do a 3D since I'd have to pay $80 for it. My "real" ultrasound is on Feb soon as it confirms the gender (not that I'm worried) I'll pass on baby girl stuff to you. Anything you don't want I'll sell to Kid 2 Kid. See you Saturday :)

Susan Bishop said...

Steph, wow I didn't know they could "photograph" the baby inside. And I'll have to wait so long to meet her. It really isn't fair. Love you, MOM