Monday, September 27, 2010

She Sits!

Mckinley is getting better and better at sitting. Like I said in my last post, it started out on our laps.

But today she was doing a lot of this...

It's so adorable and makes her seem so BIG.

Mckinley attended her first ever BYU football game on Saturday. The only way I was able to bring her was because we had box seats. She never would have survived down in the crowd. Too bad it was a pretty boring game.

On Sunday we had dinner at my brother's house. This is one of the rare smiles captured on camera these days. Every time I try to take her picture she just stares at the camera and won't do anything. It takes 2 of us to do it now. Brandon was making her smile while I snapped away. And we got one little half smile.

This guy sure loves his little girl.

We had to take some more pictures of her with her cousin Bryce. He's 2 months younger but totally catching up to her. I love that they are holding hands. They did that all on their own. So cute!

It seems like Mckinley just wants to grow up. The bumbo chair isn't containing her as well anymore. She twists to the side and leans over the edge, trying to get out.

Good thing we bought her this little toy that she still has a lot of room to grow into. She's supposed to be able to bounce on the little orange pad but her toes barely reach it if she stretches her legs out.

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but I think it is the cutest thing when Mckinley wants to hold grown up things. She'll play with anything you give her. Keys, cell phone, wallet, anything. Her favorite is playing with the mail. Well, any paper really. Guess she loves the crunch.

She is coming up on 5 months in about a week and a half and I can hardly believe it.


Kellie said...

So crazy to see her doing so many grown up things! I can't believe she is sitting up so well and two teeth?! Would you tell her to slow down? She's growing up too fast!

Susan Bishop said...

FIVE months already! It seems like she was just born. I think you sat up at about 5 months too. That was sad to see her not feeling well. So cute of her and Bryce. And what a cute Dad!