Friday, December 17, 2010

7 Months

We keep thinking to ourselves, can this girl get any cuter or any more fun? And then she does. Every day.

I love that she is starting to smile for the camera. Sometimes.

At 7 months Mckinley:
  • Smiles at anyone and everyone who smiles at her. Including Santa.
  • Still just sits on the floor and plays with toys. And I love it. She is starting to reach for things that are really far and kind of move a little, so it seems like crawling isn't too far off. But I'll enjoy every stage while it lasts.
  • Love love loves her crib. But is also good at taking naps in her car seat. Which is super handy for babysitters and if I need to bring her to work with me.
  • Still nurses pretty much every 3 hours during the day even though she's eating lots of baby food and crackers.
  • Could probably eat animal crackers all day long and never get sick of them.
  • Sleeps for long stretches at night. Most of the time.
  • Twirls her feet around and around and around. Pretty much all the time, but mostly when she gets excited about something.
  • Loves to reach up and play with (or pull) my hair while she's nursing.
  • Loves getting her diaper changed but cries anytime you change her clothes. Maybe she won't like to play dress ups. Who knows.
  • Sits up in her bath now and loves to play with anything in the water.
  • Would rather play with grown up things than any baby toys.
  • Talks a lot but still doesn't use any consonants, so no ma ma or da da yet.
  • Loves to be scared, held upside down, and tossed in the air.
  • Has about a thousand ticklish spots.


Jennie said...

Those first pictures in the crib are the first time I thought, wow she actually looks a lot like Stephanie.

Hannah S said...

What a doll! I love those cheeks! She and Cecily would have a blast together, if Cecily doesn't want what Mckinley wants.

Kim and Preston said...

Wow she is so cute! You have a beautiful family!