Thursday, May 5, 2011

In just 2 days

Mckinley will be ONE. That sure crept up fast. But it's been an awesome year. Awesome doesn't begin to describe it actually.

On Tuesday night this week we went to the temple with Brandon's sister for her first time (she gets married tomorrow). There were two highlights on this temple trip. Being picked as the witness couple and the secret note my little sister left me under the bathroom sink. She's in the MTC and happens to have P-day on Tuesdays which is when we went to the temple so she told me she would leave a note for me stuck underneath the sink in the bathroom and I went and found it and it totally made my day. It was so cool! I almost forgot to look.

Anyway, the main point of the story is that we went to the temple and my sweet mother watched Mckinley for us and Mckinley had her first sleep over at Grandma's. Any of you that really know me know that I love sleepovers and I spent a larger part of my childhood sleeping over at my grandma's house and I'm so excited for Mckinley to be able to do the same thing. It was the first time we have ever been away from her for the night. She was awesome. Slept the whole night through and was an angel. Brandon was moping around all evening missing her like crazy. It was pretty much the cutest thing you've ever seen. I really honestly don't know if any dad has loved his little girl more than Brandon. She is one lucky girl. (And so am I.)

This is a picture of Mckinley pushing her cousin Sam around in a doll stroller last night. Man, these kids are cute!

And just because I can't help it, here are some more pictures of her sleeping. We are totally in the mode of taking as many pictures of her asleep as possible.

If anyone ever needed proof that Mckinly is in fact my daughter, this is it. I always sleep with my knee bent like this and often with my hands up too. Oh, I love it.

Another one with the blanket over her head. :)

I had to include this picture too to show her cute wings. My hair totally used to curl on both sides above my ears when I was little. Only difference is my hair was super blonde and I didn't get any of it till I was like 2. Anyway, her hair is starting to show some curl and Brandon and I both love it!!

This week has been pretty crazy with wedding preparations. I wish we could focus more on what is actually important (the sealing) instead of all the reception fluff. Could someone remind me of this in 20 years when Mckinley gets married?


nora.lakehurst said...

NO WAY! She can't be turning one already! Man that flew by fast. She is tooooooo cute and I love that she sleeps so cute too. What a little dolly.

Hannah S said...

I can't believe she's one already either. What funny positions. I love the knee one.
Ya, receptions are a beast. I hope to offer our children cash and forget the whole thing. My parents offered that and we took the reception route...which is easy when you're the one getting married. haha.

Hannah S said...

PS--if you need to borrow any birthday paraphernalia, you know who to call ;) And sneaky girls in the Temple. lol. how fun!

Laura said...

I love all these sleeping pictures. You are going to want to look, back on them when she turns three!! That year went by fast!