Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Week

Brandon informed me today that I haven't blogged in a while. He is great to keep me on my toes like that. :)

Anyway, after the fun flu-filled weekend we had, I got a cold/sore throat/annoyningness that still hasn't left me. But it didn't stop me from pretty much having a normal week, which I am grateful for.

Here is the one picture from the flu weekend. Brandon sent me and Mckinley out to get him some ginger ale the night he was throwing up. Which then came in handy the next day for me while I was throwing up. :) I got Mckinley dressed warm since it was raining when we left and I thought she looked so cute and grown up in her new jeans and shoes that I just had to take a picture.

Me and Mckinley just chillin at home.

Cute pigtails!

One of Mckinley's favorite things to do is push things around, strollers, toys, and chairs. She found out she can push her rocking chair around and this one day she decided to push it right up to the TV to get a good view.

Thursday night this week we went to the BYU v. USU soccer game. Brandon's little sister plays for USU. They had a heartbreaking loss against BYU but it was fun to watch anyway.

Mckinley FINALLY decided to like peaches, just when we were about out of delicious fresh peaches from our neighbor's tree.

Friday Brandon took me on a fun date to the temple and then we were lucky enough to go watch the BYU game with box seats.

Yay for free balloons!!!

Yesterday we had my sister Heidi over and Mckinley of course figured out how to push her wheelchair around the house too.

We also had a fun, delicious dinner at Carrabba's, thanks to Brandon's hard work at his brother's house. Thanks Ryan and Jess!

That's about it. I'm a little sad that it's getting dark early again, which means summer is over. But, on the bright side, Mckinley has an adorable winter wardrobe that I bought forever ago and pretty much forgot about. Yay for cute girls who are so fun to dress!


Jess said...

You packed a lot in there! Its kind of nice to not blog for awhile then you have a really long post :) Glad your dinner out was good!

Aubrey said...

I CANNOT believe all three of you had the flu. That's so awful!
I love that McKinley tries to push everything around. So funny!