Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

We had a really nice, relaxing conference weekend at home. Mckinley was awesome and either played with toys or was napping during conference, so even with a kid we actually got to listen. It was great.

Why is it so fun to give your child a sucker? I love that she sets it down on the carpet to go play with a toy or that she will hold the sticky end in her fist and put the stick in her mouth because she thinks it's funny. No concept of "sticky."

Mckinley has the cheesiest smile and I just love it!

She is so good at folding her arms for prayers and it's adorable!

So Saturday morning we got up and made an awesome potato, egg, bacon, cheese breakfast that my niece Haley named R2D2 for some reason. Then we watched conference and in between sessions we went for a drive up the canyon to see the leaves and have a picnic.

After the priesthood session we got together with all of Brandon's brothers and had pizza that was so delicious. Sunday morning we got together with all of his siblings again and made an amazing breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon. We all watched the morning session together. Then we came home and put Mckinley down for a nap while we watched the 2nd session.

Usually I feel like conference takes your weekend away from you but for some reason this time we both just loved it and felt like it was over too fast.


Megan Erickson said...

She is so cute... Looks totally like you!

Lucky to be the mom said...

That little girl just exudes happiness! What a little dolly she is :) we love watching her grow!

Conference was incredible wasn't it? Each session felt like 15-20 minutes! I can't wait to get the talks on my iPod and listen over and over.

Lena said...

I love that Mckinley folds her arms! And I am jealous of the fall weather and colors! I guess we need to visit UT for conference!