Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life did I let so much time pass since I last posted? Well, I guess Mckinley was sick for a good week (not fun), then she gave me a cough, which isn't that big of a deal, but not the most fun thing ever. And then my parents came home from China and we have a wedding this week. Wahoo!!

Mckinley is better now. We luckily never had to take her back to the hospital although that next Wednesday night I was worried we might... She has been slowly getting better and has a little bit of a lingering cough but that's it.

So...the week she got sick my parents were supposed to come home from China that Thursday. They got delayed a day and a half which sucked because we were so excited to see them, but they finally did make it home safe and sound.

We had a couple bridal showers for Kristen that Saturday which were really fun and made me so much more excited for her wedding. Not that I wasn't excited before, it just made it more real.

Anyway, this week has been busy. I thought there would be more relaxing and just hanging out with my parents but my mom is almost always gone running errands and stuff. Oh well, it has still been awesome to have them home and to have them see how big Mckinley is.

Now, for some pictures. If you can tell, Mckinley's doll is wearing one of her diapers. She totally takes care of her dolls, she gets wet wipes and wipes their nose, face, hands, and feet. She wants me to help her put diapers on them. She'll go in the kitchen and get bibs for them. She tries to feed them her sippy cups or crackers. It's all absolutely adorable.

I think I was making cookies in the kitchen for Kristen's shower and Mckinley decided that instead of eating her yogurt she would spread it all over her tray, face, clothes, and anything else she could reach. I'm thinking I should let her try out finger painting some day because that's pretty much what she was doing and she loved it.

Okay, this picture I love. I went to Kristen's with my mom and dad the other day to help her rearrange some stuff in her house now that she is swapping out roommates for a husband. Mckinley was so cute and wanted to help clean. She walked all around the house with this rag wiping the walls, desks, my pants, my shirt, anything she thought needed to be cleaned. It was awesome.

Kristen went to Hong Kong to visit my parents when they were serving there in 2010 and she bought these cute matching jackets, one for her and one for Mckinley. We've been waiting a long time for the jacket to fit Mckinley. It's so cute.

I didn't want to feel left out so we took one of me wearing it too...

Mckinley is so fun and is changing so so fast. Brandon and I were watching some videos of her the other day from when we first moved into my parents house just 5 months ago and we couldn't believe how much she has changed. Especially her hair. I didn't realize how long it is compared to back then! I can't believe she'll be 2 in 3 and a half months.

She is really into shapes, thanks to three things. The iPhone, Baby Einstein, and the game Perfection. She first learned to match shapes with a game on the iPhone. Then she learned to pick out certain shapes if you told her which ones to grab from the game Perfection. She can put all the shapes in their places in Perfection. Now, if she's watching the shapes movie from Baby Einstein she can recognize a few different shapes when they come up on the screen. And I can even draw the following shapes on a piece of paper and she will tell me what they're called. Circle, rectangle, triangle, heart, star, moon, diamond, oval.

Also randomly she knows the letter R and the letter A. She loves playing with her sponge letters in the bathtub.

She will come up to me or Brandon, grab our finger, and drag us where she wants us to go and say "come."

She loves to color, but mostly just with a pen. If I'm ever sitting at the computer desk she'll come over and sit on my lap and draw on some scratch paper.

She knows how to get DVD's in and out of the DVD player and loves to watch her Baby Einstein shows. Most of our DVD's are covered in fingerprints and have to be wiped down before they will work.

I have no idea how many words she knows but it's a whole lot. She is starting to group words together now and we just love how easy it is to communicate with her. She surprises me every day with a few new words I had no idea she knew.

She will tell me when she's poopy and if I ask her if she's poopy and she's not, she says "wet."

She loves to dance around and will shake her bum back and forth if you ask her. I need to post a video of that. It's so cute.

She finally makes the kissing noise when she kisses you and she loves to kiss owies and have you kiss any owies she has.

She loves her "daddy" and asks for him all the time. Especially when it's time for bed because she knows he'll get her out and bring her into bed with him.


Adam and Hilary said...

That's great to hear McKinley is better now. It's so sad to see kids sick.
Love the matching jackets!
Enjoy the wedding. That's great yr parents wil be there for it!

Lowell Bishop said...

Mckinley is so lucky you are recording all this stuff. She will love reading later.