Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years

We have had quite an eventful holiday. Before we get started though, here are a few cute pictures I couldn't resist posting.

Mckinley still loves babies and one day last week she just had to eat lunch with her baby doll. I caught her trying to give her doll a drink of orange juice. So cute!

Then she pushed the doll around but didn't forget her snacks on top.

I forgot I took this picture. I don't even have an explanation. I'll just leave it up to your imagination. (Don't be mad at me Bran for posting it.)

Thursday night last week Brandon's parents took us to the Provo Beach Resort to check it out. Mckinley had fun on the carousel, after being scared at first. Now seeing the pictures she is so excited and yelling "Elephant! Horse!" (She rode on the elephant the first time around.)

Friday night we were lucky enough to go to a Jazz game that came with dinner. Kristen and Dayne came with us and we had a really good time. Mckinley did really well the whole time. She must have drank a lot because when we got home her diaper was soaked through her pants and on to her carseat. Yuck!

Saturday was New Years Eve. We had Chinese food with Brandon's family and then went crazy with the party supplies. Mckinley didn't like it very much. She just sat on my lap the whole time and didn't want to touch anything.

Monday Brandon didn't have to go to work so we had another fun day with his family. We had a BBQ for lunch and made some home made fries in the deep fryer. Then that night we all got to go to the Jazz game together and sit in the box, which was so nice, especially with little kids.

Mckinley followed Brynlee around like usual and did every little thing she was doing. We think it's cute, Bryn thinks it's annoying. :)

We've got more fun plans tonight and tomorrow before Lincoln enters the MTC. Brandon also turns 28 tomorrow. Wow, we are getting old.


nora.lakehurst said...

Yeah... your "so" old. LOL Your baby is getting so big. She will be a great helper when the time comes.