Monday, February 13, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted. And there's a reason. Mckinley has been SICK. Yuck. I am so tired of winter and her being sick! Brandon vows she will not go to nursery again for the rest of winter.

She's now totally addicted to watching "shows." Heaven help us. :)

The day my parents left Mckinley got a cold. Then that weekend she got the throw up/diarrhea sickness and oh my gosh, it was the worst. We scrubbed so much barf and poop out of her clothes/blanket/sheets/mattress pad, and yes, even her stuffed animal. And did SO many loads of laundry. It was by far the hardest time I have ever had of being a mother.

She finally got over the stomach crap and has still had a little bit of a cough and runny nose this week. Yesterday we took her to Church, just sacrament meeting mind you, and then last night she had a horrible cough all through the night. Does it ever stop?

She is still so happy and adorable even when she's sick. But oh, I just feel so bad for her and want her to be 100% healthy again.


Jess said...

I know just how you feel...a week of sickness at our house was pretty awful. Hope you all recover soon!

Lucky to be the mom said...

It seems some winters are harder than others...we've certainly been the rounds at our house! I was nervous about going to the temple - not to mention nursery! Poor little bug, poor cleaner uppers! Yahoo for washers and dryers! I always think, "I'd just throw it away if I had to wash it by hand!" "Wait, if I had to wash it by hand it would probably be the only one we had!"
I love appliances :)
I hope the worst is over!
I admit, I'm with Brandon - no nursery. I know they really try to keep things clean but...well, you know. I'm sure she'd love Gospel Doctrine and Priesthood :)

Linda J said...

I'm sorry to hear you've run the gauntlet of sickness at your house - nothing worse than when they are sick and there's really nothing you can do. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the sickness doesn't really end till they are in about grade three or four when I guess they've built up their immunity and know how to wash and sanitize their hands and keep them to themselves. The other fun thing you get to worry about is lice, which doesn't end till they stop sitting so close to one another. I am relieved that we are almost done with that and the ones that are in university - if they get it they are on their own. Good luck and I hope everyone is feeling better.