Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year. We woke up early and went down to the parade. We got our usual awesome seats in the shade and had a good time. Poor Mckinley has been sick this week with a cold but we still got some smiles out of her.

She was excited to see the panda. She doesn't know him from Kung Fu Panda, but she knows pandas from her baby einstein movies so it was still really cool to her.

She was way excited to see the princesses at the parade and she went up to Rapunzel and said "I like your purple dress." She loves dresses and loves to tell people she loves their dress. Especially my Grandma Bishop who is always in a dress. :)

Family shot. She looks so sick...poor thing.

For lunch we went over to my sister's house for a BBQ/gender reveal party. They made us wait forever and a half to start, then we had to eat first, and then they finally cut the cake. It was going to be either pink or blue inside.

They both wanted a boy and are SO excited!

Kristen trying to have a belly at 18 weeks and me with my massive twin belly at 26 weeks. I still can't believe we are lucky enough to be pregnant together.

Later that night we had a BBQ with Brandon's family and did some awesome fireworks outside their house. We had a great time. We didn't stay up to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks, we just went home and went to bed.

Mckinley had fun throwing and stepping on snaps but didn't want to hold a sparkler. Maybe next year... She did like the fireworks though and wasn't scared of them.

Check out this awesome sleeping position today during her nap. I don't check on her very much while she's sleeping but Brandon can't keep himself away. She napped really late today so she was still asleep when he got home and I'm glad he went in there to get such a sweet picture. I had no idea she moved around so much in her bed.


Adam and Hilary said...

That is fun that you and Kris are pregnant together!