Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Golfing and stuff

I got the pictures from Brandon's phone uploaded so I thought I would blog about some of this stuff.

Another one of my favorite traditions is when we go to Cascade golf for the Freedom Festival BBQ/Family night golf. We do it every year and it's always hot but so much fun.

This year we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Freedom Festival Gala dinner. Mckinley got to come with us and she was so excited to wear a pretty dress. She did really well, even when the program went super super long. We didn't get home till 10:30 p.m.

The food was amazing.

Mckinley totally curled up on Brandon's chest and went to sleep. So awesome!!

One day we let Mckinley watch How to Train Your Dragon (her VERY favorite movie) on Jason's computer at work while Brandon and I got some things done at the office. Now every time we go see Brandon at his office she says she wants to watch Dragons on Jason's "puter."

Moving in to a new house has sent us on a couple trips to Home Depot. Mckinley had a blast this last time riding in the big cart.

I feel like I need to write some of the random cute things Mckinley does or says but then when I sit down to write them, I have a hard time thinking of them.

She is the best little 2 year old anyone could ask for. She is extremely obedient. We have such a blast doing everything with her. She is absolutely obsessed with her Dragons movie and wants to watch it every day. She knows the main characters names (Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless). She is also obsessed with chewing gum. She is really good at it and doesn't swallow it anymore. She always spits it out if we offer her anything to eat, even when we forget she had gum in her mouth. She is not really getting the potty training thing. I don't think she realizes when she pees, whether she's wearing a diaper, sitting on the potty, wearing underwear, or buck naked. She will pee and I don't think she even knows she did it. So this may take a while...

She says efelant for elephant. She knows all her alphabet letters, most of her numbers, all shapes, colors, and tons of animals. She loves swimming even though we don't hardly ever go. We put her swimming suit on her tonight and let her take a bath in our big tub and she thought she went swimming. She knows the difference between boys and girls, she knows her mom and dad's names, and Brandon's parents' first names.

She is so good at sleeping in her big bed and doesn't get out, even when she wakes up. She just waits for us to come get her. She can put her own shoes on and gets them on the right feet every time. She loves to yell cheese when you take her picture but often doesn't hold the smile long enough to catch it on camera. She is obsessed with her cousins and wants to see them every day. She loves dresses and loves twirling around in them and dancing. She runs everywhere she goes. She wants to eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich every day. She says samooch for sandwich and her lips get all puckered up for the "ch" at the end of the word.

Okay, I doubt anyone besides Brandon even read all of that. I could go on, but I'll stop for now. We just love her to death and are so excited to have two more babies to love in just a few months!


byufish said...

Hey...I read EVERY word....EVERY time....just sayin'....