Monday, August 20, 2012


We have had a blast the last two Saturday mornings at Seven Peaks. Mckinley loves to go "shwimming" and asks to go all the time. Too bad we waited till the end of the summer when I am so big and uncomfortable, but at least we got a few times in before the twins come. If we're lucky, we'll go a few more times before it closes.

Mckinley loves going down the slides in the kiddie pool by herself.

Brandon and Mckinley 

Brandon and Mckinley going down the tube slide together. She loved it and asked to go again as soon as they got down. 

Mckinley loves living by her cousins and asks to play with them every day. This picture is from a really fun BBQ we had with Brandon's brothers on Friday night.


Alexis said...

Haley looks giant next to the three little girls. So cute!