Friday, August 31, 2012

2 Year Olds

Raising a 2 year old is so much fun. I know most parents don't agree, so maybe it's just Mckinley, but anyway, I just love this girl to death and can't get over the cute things she says.

This morning she was begging to wear a dress (what's new?) and I told her no, you need to wear pants today. So what does she say? "I'm kind of scared of pants." Ha ha ha. Then a second later she wanted to watch a movie so I told her if you wear pants you can watch a movie. So she is happily wearing pants today. What a crack up. I just love her to death.

Here's a belly shot from yesterday at 34 weeks 1 day. I keep meeting people who tell me they didn't make it as far as me with twins. I'm still hoping to get all the way to 38 weeks.

The other day I was laying on the couch and out of the blue Mckinley said "Oh Mom I just love you so much." Then she ran over and said, "I want to kiss the babies." And gave me a kiss on the stomach. She is the cutest. This is her kissing the babies yesterday.

We saw out the window today that the neighbor boys were taking a dip in their jacuzzi "pool" so we went out and joined them. It was fun. They soaked me with all their splashing, but it was worth it to "take Mckinley swimming" without having to actually go anywhere or put a swimming suit on myself. :)


Kim and Preston said...

So glad that you have made this far, praying for the 38 week as well! You look great!