Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 Months

The twins are two months old! And what a difference from a month ago. They are growing like weeds. They are so much fun and I seriously can't get enough of them!
Little miss Kallie weighed in today at 8 lbs 15 oz -5%. Length was 21 inches - 4%. Head 15 inches - 58%.
Tyler was 9 lbs 8 oz - 3%. Length 21.5 inches - 2%. Head 15.25 inches - 42%.
I knew the day would eventually come when I would get them both smiling on camera. It is SO much fun to have two babies! I look at them and just can't believe they are both mine. I am so lucky.
I love the crying pictures. Kallie's face is awesome. They fit into their matching pajamas!
Sweet girl Mckinley fell asleep on the couch today watching a movie. I love it!
We went to Kristen's house to see her baby on Monday night and we decided to take some pictures of the kids in her massive stocking that she has.
I don't think Santa himself could beat these stocking stuffers.


Kim and Preston said...

I love the stocking pictures! So much fun!!

Stacey said...

Having twins defiantly has it's moments where you realize how lucky and blessed you really are. They are so cute!!! I want to come see you guys but I get so nervous to spread any bugs that we may or may not have. One of these days I will get there.