Saturday, November 24, 2012


What an amazing Thanksgiving weekend. What better to be thankful for than new babies?
My sister Kristen had her little baby boy on Thanksgiving morning after about 20 hours of labor. They named him Maverick.
My sister-in-law Shellee had her baby girl the day before Thanksgiving. Poor thing went through 26 hours of labor and had to have her by C-section in the end. Her name is Hadlee and she is beautiful.
Remember this picture that made my twins look small?
Well next to little Mav, the twins look HUGE!
My crush:
Not in the mood for a picture.
Thanksgiving dinner was awesome.
Look at that little fatty! Yes, that is my Tyler. The camera added a little chub, but this guy is growing! Dr. Bailey is going to be so proud. The twins have their 2 month check up on Wednesday.
Kristen and I nursing our babies. It wasn't too long ago that I pretty much gave up on the dream of having babies together. And look at us now.
Mckinley has found the most efficient way to carry all her stuffed animals around.
I really could hold these babies all day long.
They are getting harder to hold at the same time.
Look who's winking!
Beautiful girl in the tub.


Kari-Lynn said...

So I must be losing my mind because I can't remember if I already wrote this to you or not so here it goes..even if its a repeat :). I think you are amazing!!! I love looking at your blog. What a blessing those 3 kiddos are. And you look AMAZING...did you seriously just have twins? I'm so happy for you girl, you glow in all your pictures!!

nora.lakehurst said...

awesome! I am happy to know that you are an aunt twice in a week. And if anyone of them want pictures done I would love more practice. Anyways December 5th is when I am having my surgery. And I am just overcoming the flu. It is such a good thing I didn't visit you. Because this is bad news. Blech.

Stephanie Salmon said...

So sorry about the flu! That's the worst. I'm sure my sister would love to have pictures of her baby. I think Shellee ha someone lined up. You know Shellee by the way. She works at your doctors office.

Aubrey said...

I love these pictures. Good luck at the doctor! Graham has his 2-month visit next week and I am dreading it.