Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4 Months

The twins are 4 months old! I really do love every stage but this is such a fun age!!!
At four months they are:
12.24 lbs - 13%
23.5 inches long - 14%
Head 16.25 inches - 72%
14.59 lbs - 33%
24 inches long - 9%
Head 16.5 inches - 61%
They have shared a pack n play and now a crib every night of their lives. They are getting so tall to sleep in the crib this way but we can't bear to make them sleep in separate cribs. Maybe we didn't need to buy that second one...Just kidding, I'm sure we'll use both cribs eventually but for now they take all three naps and sleep in this crib every night together.
Mckinley loves to talk about when she was a baby. "And I was sitting in that chair when I was turning into a baby." "And I was playing with this toy when I was turning into a baby." You get the idea. So cute.
Cute pigtail braids!
Brandon's dad had a total hip replacement right before Christmas and Mckinley was doing his stretches with him. These two sure love each other!
We got a Blendtec for Christmas and have been making all sorts of delicious drinks in it. Can't get enough!
I love me my two babies. I seriously wish the rest of life could just pause for a while so I had enough time to sit and hold and play with them before they grow up!
Mmmm, love this little man.
Nothing better than holding hands while drinking nasty formula.
Kinley didn't want to take a nap today so I told her she didn't have to but a little while later she crashed on the couch and slept for hours, that girl can sleep through anything. Love it.
Oh my gosh we got dumped on today! Brandon and I shoveled the driveway together this morning and then this was when I went out again in the afternoon and shoveled the whole thing by myself. It was a beast!
Me and my little man Tyler.
Okay seriously, aren't twins the funnest?
Brandon with Tyler sleeping on his lap. Love these boys.


byufish said...

It's fun to get a call from G&G telling me...."have you seen those twins? They sure are cute!" Thanks for blogging pics....can't believe they're already 4 months old!!

bishopfamily said...

Steph they are getting so big. I just love their personalities coming out! They are all so stinkin cute. Love the braids, love the holding hands, love the crib sharing! Enjoy every moment cause it goes by too fast. I need to come see you and those sweet babies...all three of them ;)

Aubrey said...

What sweeties! I sometimes wish there were two Grahams.