Friday, January 4, 2013

Brandon's Birthday

Today is Brandon's birthday! He's 29. One more year till the big 30. I'm thinking a cruise for next year maybe? ;)
Breakfast candles.
And just some random pictures from Christmas break/New Years.
Mckinley loves to sleep sideways in beds. Also loves to sleep with her animals.
She LOVED this slinky we got in our stocking from Brandon's parents.
First time painting.
Tyler asleep in the bouncer. So cute! Love this guy. Still crushing on him.
Cute babies! Twins rock. I hope we get another set.
Kinley is such a great sister to these two.
So yeah, I think in my last post I said that Mckinley did the middle of the puzzle if we did the border. Um, later that day she started doing the whole thing by herself and now she does it multiple times a day and does it as fast as I would. We brought it to Church on Sunday and she did it on the floor. A few times.
 New Years Eve is  big deal at Brandon's parents house. We always have Chinese take out and pop lots of poppers and things with confetti. We had a good time.
Kinley eating pizza with her cousins (pizza for the kids, Chinese for the adults). 
 Confetti...Lots of it.
I think we had midnight at around 9:00 or something.
Me chillin with the babies hoping to avoid getting blasted with silly string. (It worked.)
We had lots of late nights and missed naps over the holidays so we found her like this a few times. Totally out. But still holding the phone. :)
New Years Day we had a thing with my extended family at the Church. Potluck and games. It was really fun.
Their shirts say I was born at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. I love matching outfits on boy/girl twins!


Lucky to be the mom said...

Thanks for sharing your family - we love your blog!
The kids are adorable! What fun!
Enjoy :)

Kris said...

I love that last pic of the twins where they're both smiling! Too sweet.