Saturday, April 27, 2013

7 Months Old

Tyler and Kallie are 7 months old today! They are so stinking cute and soooo much fun! Can we have twins again? Seriously though, that would be so awesome if we have another set of twins.
They are doing so well eating baby food and it actually isn't much harder to feed two than it is to feed one.
Look at them all big and grown up sitting in a regular stroller.
Tyler is totally chewing on his foot. Love it!
 Today he has been making his way to the corner of the crib to fall asleep. This kid is ALL OVER his crib. All the time.
7 month shots:
At 7 months:
Tyler got his bottom right tooth maybe a week ago and Kallie got her bottom left the day we were at the zoo, Thursday, so both right around 7 months exactly.
They are both getting sooo close to crawling. Tyler moved from rolling all over the floor to scooting on his belly. Kallie gets up on her hands and knees all the time and rocks back and forth. It won't be long before they can both crawl and call me crazy, but I am so excited!
Three naps a day and sleeping 11 hours at night. They have 4 bottles a day and 2 baby food feedings.
Both of them have huge awesome smiles and they are both super smiley and they laugh all the time too.
Tyler always wants what Kallie is holding or playing with.
Tyler moves all around in his crib and cries for a while before he goes to sleep. Kallie snuggles right up to her blanket and stares at the ceiling till she falls asleep.
We really can't get enough of them!

Hogle Zoo

Happy Birthday to me this week. I turned 31 on Tuesday, April 23rd. I had an AWESOME birthday. Brandon got me the external hard drive I asked for. Wahoo. Now we can finally back up all the pictures since Mckinley was born which as of right now are on this computer and this computer only. I am VERY excited about that.
My birthday really was wonderful. It is hit or miss, and this one was one of the best. Mckinley was so cute and so excited to show me where my presents were in the morning. She was so excited it was my birthday and even came up to me in the bathroom while I was getting ready and said "Mom, I'm so glad it's your birthday." She is so adorable.
We met up with Brandon for lunch and then my mom had us over for dinner. We finished off the night watching Hunger Games. I absolutely love that movie.
Anyway, what I really wanted to do for my birthday was go to the zoo. We decided to wait a few days for better weather and I'm so glad we did. The weather was perfect and it was the best zoo trip I've ever had. We got there really early and the animals were all out and moving around. The day was just perfect.
Waiting to go inside...
There is a cute baby giraffe and all four of the giraffes were out walking around and eating and stuff. It was really cool.
Mckinley got to ride the carousel and had a blast.
Proof that Kallie and Tyler were there. They didn't make it into too many pictures but they were awesome angel babies just chilling and sleeping in their car seats in their stroller. It was such a fun family trip!
I had to get a picture of her by the classic Lion drinking fountain. This brings back so many memories of being a kid.
The first time we passed the tiger it was just laying under its shelter sleeping but when we came back around it got up and walked all over it's entire enclosure and took a drink of water. It was really fun to see it in action.
Mckinley tells everyone her favorite "aminal" was the "efelant." It's a surprising answer though since the polar bear was so awesome. 
We ended up going to the polar bear exhibit three times I think. It seriously seemed like the Polar Bear was trained to do what it was doing. It kept swimming up to the glass wall and back. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. This is Mckinley right by it when it came up to the window.
Seriously, it was so fun to watch. We got some pretty sweet videos. You can see them HERE and  HERE.
These comparison pictures didn't work out as well as I had hoped since the old one was for the gorilla and this one was for an orangutan but you get the idea.
Me and Mckinley now.
Me and Mckinley two years ago, the last time we were at the zoo.
After the zoo we decided to check out the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake. It is a pretty cool place.
We seriously had such a fun day. It was so great to have Brandon take off work and have a nice relaxing day together. We will definitely go next year. Hogle Zoo is working on a 5-acre African Savannah and I think it's going to be pretty sweet! It should be done next year sometime. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Growing Up

We are having another awesome weekend. Friday we got curbing put in all over our yard. It looks sooo good and I'm actually excited to clean out all the flower beds and have them looking nice! 

Saturday morning (today) we went to Kneaders for breakfast. Just for fun. It was awesome. The food was so good.

We ran some errands today and Brandon put Tyler in the shopping cart for the first time. Tyler also got his first tooth today.
McKinley rides her bike all the way to the mailbox (we have community mailboxes 8 houses down the road). She is getting pretty good at it today and we finally got her a helmet (that cost almost twice as much as the bike...grrr) so I feel a little better about her riding on her own.
We decided to try bathing the babies with Mckinley tonight. I thought they would be like a year old before we would be able to do this but they sit so well that it wasn't a problem at all. Holy cow our kids are growing up!

Kallie and Kinley just chillin on their backs in the tub. Love it!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Brandon and Tyler watching Conference together. I love Tyler's huge smile, and the fact that he is holding on to Brandon's jeans. Such a great picture!
This picture was too cute not to post. Mckinley watching a movie with Brynlee and Dylan, all in one chair.

Saturday morning movie watching in bed. These four people are my entire world. Love every single one of them. SO much! (Or as Mckinley would say, a big much!)


I can't believe this cute little girl is about to turn three. She is such a joy and has been the best child ever. She only has two flaws. She's bad at eating what we're having for dinner, and she's bad at staying in her bed at night. Everything else about her is absolutely amazing and we are the luckiest parents alive.

Warm Weather

Even though we are not currently enjoying good April weather, we have had a few nice days. And we took advantage of them.
I don't think you can ever have too many picnics at the park.

Mckinley going down the slide with her cousins.

We have almost NO pictures of us since the twins were born.
Mckinley learned how to ride her bike over Conference weekend. It's so weird watching someone so little ride a bike. We need to get her a helmet!


Tyler and Kallie with Hadlee.
Tyler and Kallie with Maverik.