Saturday, April 20, 2013

Growing Up

We are having another awesome weekend. Friday we got curbing put in all over our yard. It looks sooo good and I'm actually excited to clean out all the flower beds and have them looking nice! 

Saturday morning (today) we went to Kneaders for breakfast. Just for fun. It was awesome. The food was so good.

We ran some errands today and Brandon put Tyler in the shopping cart for the first time. Tyler also got his first tooth today.
McKinley rides her bike all the way to the mailbox (we have community mailboxes 8 houses down the road). She is getting pretty good at it today and we finally got her a helmet (that cost almost twice as much as the bike...grrr) so I feel a little better about her riding on her own.
We decided to try bathing the babies with Mckinley tonight. I thought they would be like a year old before we would be able to do this but they sit so well that it wasn't a problem at all. Holy cow our kids are growing up!

Kallie and Kinley just chillin on their backs in the tub. Love it!!!


Hilary said...

Your yard looks great! It's amazing what a little curbing can do!

Kris said...

yes, holy cow your kids are growing up and holy cow, how many rolls does Tyler have on his arms?? So cute steph. And awesome curbing too!

Kellie said...

I can't believe that McKinley is riding a bike already! Averie is not very coordinated. Haha. Love the curbing it looks great! The twins are getting so big and grown up. What cuties!