Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mckinley is 3!!

Mckinley's turned 3 on Tuesday. She had been looking forward to her birthday for WEEKS and would often ask us when she woke up, "Can it just BE my birthday today?" Or she would look at the clock and say, "When it gets to the 3, then we're gonna have my birthday."
We let her sleep in our bed with us the night before her birthday. Not sure if this is more of a privilege for her or for Brandon. We watched How to Train Your Dragon and had popcorn.
Kallie and Tyler decided to start Mckinley's birthday off bright and early, a few minutes after 6 a.m. Oh well, it just gave us more time to celebrate. They came and joined us in bed and were sooo happy.
Brandon made Mckinley mickey mouse pancakes and brought her breakfast in bed.
It's a tradition. First Birthday. Second Birthday.
She got princess dress up shoes and crowns and a tea set. She couldn't be happier.
We went to the park in the morning and played with some of her cousins. She kept yelling to me, "Mom! Look! I'm in the castle!!!!"
We met up with Brandon for lunch.
She wouldn't wear anything except the dress my mom got her. She wore it again he next day too.
She hasn't stopped playing with her tea set and Brandon caught her setting it up exactly like it shows on the box.
And when I say exactly, I mean EXACTLY.
This girl has brought so much joy into our lives and she gets more and more fun every day. We are so lucky to have her!! She is a modern day miracle and we are so grateful she's ours.
Blowing bubbles outside today.
And because no post would be complete without a picture of Kallie and Tyler, here they are sitting out on the grass the other dy. Mckinley was terrified of the grass for the first two summers of her life! These guys don't seem to mind at all.
I am still in awe that I have three kids. I love all of them so much. Watching Kallie and Tyler lately has made me sad for the twin sibling Mckinley could have had.


Hilary said...

Happy birthday to McKinley