Monday, August 19, 2013

Girl's Trip

Friday night I got to take Mckinley to the cabin for her first time! I went to the cabin every summer my entire life until I got married. Brandon isn't a big fan of the cabin so needless to say, we don't go anymore and Mckinley has never been. But my mom planned a little girl's night there. Brandon was so awesome and stayed home with the babies for me so we could go and enjoy. My mom asked if I wanted to bring Kallie but I thought that would be too hard (turns out there wouldn't have been room for her in the car anyway), so she stayed home.
We did all of the usual things, caught frogs from the frog pond, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner (the food always tastes sooo much better up at the cabin), walked down to the stream, pancakes for breakfast, played games, stayed up late talking, and just had a blast!
 Mckinley and Ella had to sleep by each other of course. This is how I found them when I finally went to bed.
Mckinley woke up screaming in the night that there were dogs on her and to get them off. Ella and I switched places and I slept with Mckinley the rest of the night. She looked so cute with her usual awesome bedhead when she woke up.
All of us. Kristen brought Maverik and Holly was saying he shouldn't come because he's a boy so we brought one of Kallie's dresses for him to wear and Holly made him a headband out of duct tape.
Ella always wants me to do her hair like Mckinley's and she had Kristen make her a twinner shirt and she always wants to wear them together. It's so cute!


3boys2girls said...

Looks like fun! My kids love the cabin too.

Kris said...

So fun! I love that you guys are all so confident in just going camping by yourselves. Fun pictures.

Lucky to be the mom said...

What a dreamy place to go! Making memories :)