Thursday, September 5, 2013

Heber Creeper

It is so hard for me to find time to blog these days, so this is kind of the overload.
McKinley and I got to ride the Heber Creeper with Kristen, Dayne, and Maverik. It was so fun.
McKinley was terrified of all the flies on the train, of course, but we still managed to have a good time.
The train went really slow and was just so relaxing.
Beautiful views!
Brandon has been wanting to go to my uncle's house in Mapleton forever and let McKinley ride his horses. We finally did it and oh boy, did she love it! I don't know if I've ever seen her more excited.
We took a trip with all of Brandon's family to the zoo. It was so fun. I love the zoo. Tyler and Kallie were more aware of the animals this time.
All the babies asleep in their strollers.
Brandon went to the Demolition Derby with his dad and brothers and loved it. I am more than fine sitting that one out every year. :)
We went to a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend Michael. We had lots of fun in the photo booth. 
Kallie and Tyler turned 11 months on August 27th. Trying to get a picture of both of them smiling together was near impossible.
Right at 11 months we stopped formula and bottles. Woo hoo!!!
They are always more excited to play with things like boxes than toys.
Starting to climb on things...
Tyler had a fever for a few days and was not happy. I enjoyed the cuddle time but I'm glad he's feeling better.


banderson5676 said...

Wow I can't believe the twins are almost a year old! They are such cuties. I hope everything is going well with you guys.

Lucky to be the mom said...

What little cuties you have! I love this stage of development :) so many adventures!